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Have a juicy steak at The Forge and stay for their legendary after-party! After pleasing their palates at the Forge, local socialites and the rest of the star-studded crowd head to Glass when the evening agenda calls for a night of upscale lounging. The space is adjacent to The Forge and the door staff can be very picky about who gets admission to mingle with the VIP crowd. The music varies between different rooms, pleasing just about everyone in Miami's socially and sexually diverse scene. On Wednesdays, Glass is known to be Miami Beach's longest running dinner party attended by the who's who of Miami society.

432 41st Street
Miami Beach, FL 33140
Phone: (305) 538-8533 'text/javascript' src=''>
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(Rated 4/5 stars)
We checked out Glass on a Wednesday night. We got there a little early and had no problems getting in, but my friends who showed up later had some trouble at the door. After waiting for 30 minutes, they texted us that they left. Boy did they miss out! The hip hop room was rocking and we saw Lil Wayne and Chris Brown at VIP table with sparkling bottles of Cristal. Who knew they were friends. Bottom line: Get there early, or be prepared to buy some tables.
  Posted by Harold from South Carolina on 8/15/2008

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