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(Rated 3.6/5 stars (5 votes cast)
Mansion is the definition of “Miami nightclub.” Mansion is by far the largest nightclub in South Beach with two levels, five rooms, four dance floors and five bars. Some locals call it a “South Beach clubbing institution.” The atmosphere and the attitude combine to make this Miami hotspot a staple attraction. Every night at Mansion is a blast, but Friday is our personal favorite.

The entire nightclub is set with exposed brick walls, spiraling staircases, elaborate chandeliers and massive oil paintings to give you the sense that you are in, well, a mansion. As the largest club in South Florida Mansion nightclub offers something for everyone. Hip-hop and house music switch back and forth between the main room and the smaller Ivy room. If you need a break from the craziness, you can watch the excitement from the balcony on the second floor. It is not unusual to see lingerie-dessed dancers on the raised platforms through out the club…and while these platforms do have stripper poles, don’t expect too much clothing to be shed. In the name of fun, sexy ladies are encouraged to dance on the bars and flaunt their skills on the permanent runway that runs down the middle of the VIP area in the Main room.

If bottles and status are what you seek, Mansion nightclub has plenty of opportunity for both. This club boasts not one or two VIP sections, but five! If you crave additional attention, order some magnum bottles of champagne. These are presented outfitted with large sparklers that light up the club. People stop in their tracks and admire the brilliancy of the illumination that announces to everyone in the club that you are doing it big time, or as it is know down here – showtime! For those with extreme VIP status, there is even a special big baller section located directly in front of the stage under the DJ booth in the main room manned by Fabio -- a authoritarian bouncer.

If dancing is what you crave, then Mansion Nightclub is definitely the spot for you. The state-of-the-art lighting and sound system combined with a steady stream of A-list performers and DJs guarantees your feet will be sore! Mansion is definitely a place to go to with a group of friends…the more the merrier. But keep in mind that entry can be a long and tedious process if you just walk up to one of the lines, which are present everyday and have been known to wrap around the block on occasion. Instead of spending your night waiting to get in, we suggest that if you don’t plan to get a table, you purchase the SOBE PARTY PASS…and unless you are a known celebrity, don’t expect to get in if you are not dressed to impress. If there is one thing that Mansion nightclub is never lacking, it is steady star power. Everyone from Jay-Z to Paris Hilton has walked through Mansion's doors and graced VIP.

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(Rated 3/5 stars)
its a nice place and everyhting but its way over-rated.the cookie looks good because its sugar coated but its not that good.
  Posted by Frank from Manhattan on 11/5/2009

(Rated 2/5 stars)
its more about hype than anything else,the places on lincoln road are much better.
  Posted by Jhonny from Alpine,NJ on 11/5/2009

(Rated 5/5 stars)
We went here for my brother's bachelor party. SoBeVIPs got us all set up and made it so all we had to do was show up. They had our table ready and we walked right in. We sat in the middle of the big main room in the roped off area and had a great time. There was a lingerie fashion show that night and I swear it got the girls in the mood to get crazier than normal after seeing all the sexy models on the runway. Mansion is a lot of fun and I recommend it 100% from what I can remember. If you go, make sure you get SoBeVIPs to take care of you.
  Posted by Mark from Chicago on 8/22/2008

(Rated 4/5 stars)
Excellent Club... Beautiful inside! Must go for Out-of-Towners. Huge line to get in! So girls better dress to impress to bypass the line! There's a VIP area in the very middle of the main floor which gets pretty crowded but if you don't mind that then I would recommend getting a VIP table there as it is right in the center of all the action. The bars on the main floor get pretty crowded so its better to go back to the front entrance and get a drink at the bar there. They played a mix of hip hop, house and top 40 on night we went. Its a Mansion inside... why wouldn't you go?
  Posted by Lidia from Hoboken, NJ on 8/13/2008

(Rated 4/5 stars)
Mansion is always a good time in the VIP area. I saw Kanye West perform at Mansion last year and it was awesome. There were dancers all over the place and it was the decadent party you'd expect to see in a place like South Beach. This place is always a great stop when you're in South Beach... can't wait to go back!
  Posted by Stephanie from San Diego on 8/7/2008

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